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Our Farm Residents

The exhibits at WNY Tiny Petting Zoo connect visitors with amazing animals from Newfane, NY.

Every animal at the zoo receives world-class care, and lives in an environment that exceeds expectations.

We are sure that you will enjoy the animals that call WNY Tiny Petting Zoo home.



Minnie is the tiniest chick of the bunch. She loves to be held and even falls asleep in your arms sometimes!



Nala's favorite things to are cuddle right by your shoulder, hop, around the yard in her harness and play with her sister and goat friends!


Lily & Luna

Introducing the biggest crowd pleasers at WNY Tiny Petting Zoo: Lily and Luna the Nigerian dwarf goats! They are the sweetest sisters and are both fun, loving and always ready to cuddle or take selfies! They are always a hit among both the adults & kids! Especially when they follow you around like a puppy!



Mack is the leader of the flock and although she may seem intimidating when she flaps her wings, she is actually trying to show off. She loves to stand in your hand like she is still a baby chick, even though she is not

so little anymore.


Ollie & Otis

Quack quack! That is all you hear from these two.

 They love to splish and splash in any water they find, no matter the depth.



Mo is the quietest, and calmest of the flock and loves to be held.

She often falls asleep on the job, but her cuteness lets her get away with it.



Don't let Nora's bashfulness fool you, she loves to lead the way when hopping along with her human friends. 

She is actually the sweetest compared to her sister, Nala and also enjoys playing with her goat friends.


Ozzy is the sweetest of all the ducks, she loves to be around people and is always looking to get pet or held by everyone. She even goes camping with her human family where she goes swimming in any water she finds! 



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