Our Farm Residents

The exhibits at WNY Tiny Petting Zoo connect visitors with amazing animals from Newfane NY. Every animal at the zoo receives world-class care, and lives in an environment that would exceed expectations. We are sure that you will enjoy the animals that call WNY Tiny Petting Zoo home.


Frosty the feather-footed fancy chicken is a huggable and lovable hen! She loves to be held and is always looking for attention!


Nibbles is a baby mini lop bunny that loves to be held and cuddled! His beautiful blue eyes will brighten up anybody’s day!


Introducing one of the biggest crowd pleasers at WNY Tiny Petting Zoo: Sugar the Nigerian dwarf goat! Sugar is spunky, fun, loving and always ready to cuddle! Her eyes are bright, blue and beautiful! Sugar is always a hit among both the adults & kids!


Piper is a curious holland lop bunny. She is 2 years old and loves to be held and cuddled! Her favorite treats are carrots 🥕! 


Flossy is also known as a “tiny deer”! She is a lovely white Saanen goat! Her favorite treats are sunflower seeds! 


Willow is a bouncy and playful Nubian goat. Her floppy ears are sure to put a smile on your face! 


Meet Oliver our Nigerian dwarf goat! With a little food in your hand he is sure to become your best friend.


Quack quack! Our ducky friends can’t wait to meet you.



Newfane, NY, USA

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